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Where children's books come to life in VR.

Parents and teachers: Grab your spot now and get free VR headsets for your kids!

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An Arcade for Reading

On Peeka, children have the power to choose the books they want to experience in virtual reality with our token model. Parents purchase token packs for their kids, who then spend those tokens to experience and discover VR books of their choice..


View our screenshots below for a preview of our Peeka mobile app - in development now.

  Try our  first VR  

  picture book!  

On Peeka,


Imagine jumping into the pages of your favorite books...

Books have always been the original virtual reality, transporting the young and old into new worlds and introducing us to new friends. Together with publishers and authors, we're bringing children's favorite books to life in VR. 

Peeka is the platform where children read, learn and play in virtual reality. On Peeka, our virtual reality children's books will enable kids to let their favorite stories happen to them. Our mission together with publishers, parents and schools is to increase elementary students' reading comprehension and engagement.

It's possible on Peeka.

Books + VR, why now?

While publishing is facing decline, children's publishing still garners growth and demand
Mobile devices are outcompeting books for the attention of children at an alarming rate
Creating a pipeline of children's content in VR will create a key stake in the bursting industry landscape
Source: Peeka (us)


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