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Why Peeka

There are 3 key factors that reading stories on Peeka improve.




When the story happens to the reader, they remember more of the story. There are deeper connections made.

Michael Wong, CEO, Peeka


On Peeka, when a reader activates a trigger (star), the words are presented on the screen for them to read, as well as a narrator clearly enunciating each word. This is extremely helpful for readers who do not know how to correctly pronounce the word. In the near future, books on Peeka will have the option to be in multiple languages.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 2.39.03 PM.png


Each Peeka book is designed to have artwork within a full 360-degree scope. Wherever you look, you will see something, whether that's above you, behind you, or right in front of you! While our books are designed with a full 360-degree scope, the core of each experience takes place in a natural 130-degree field-of-vision. This is done to help reduce motion sickness.


When you jump inside the pages of the books on Peeka, you are in full control of the experience. By being in full control of the experience, it forces the reader to be fully immersed in the experience, making distractions a thing of the past. As the reader, you choose when words are read and when to 'turn the page'. If you miss anything or want to skip ahead, there are buttons to go forward/back a page.

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