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Bring the magic of Peeka VR book experiences to your school.

We make bringing VR to your school practical and affordable.

Peeka has been working closely with schools around the nation for the past two years to create a product that children love. The feedback from independent schools in Seattle, WA, to public schools in Jasper County, SC, was invaluable and we are excited to now offer new schools the opportunity to help their students engage with reading in a cutting-edge, fun, exciting way.

We've also kicked off a research study with Boise State University to assess the affect of VR storytelling on reader fluency in elementary classrooms. Stay tuned!

How It Works

To use Peeka at your school, there are two things you will need: content licenses and hardware. 



Peeka sells perpetual licenses of each of our VR book experiences, which your school will choose and own forever. Additionally, we've packaged all of the required hardware into one bundle, taking away the headache of guessing.



Each hardware bundle consists of one: 

iPhone, VR Headset, Kid-Proof Headphone, Screen Protector, Charger, and Hardcover copy. We keep flexibility in mind: Peeka utilizes hardware that can be used for many other uses.

School Bundles

Starter Pack

Starter Pack

Perfect for a small library


1 VR Book of your choosing

2 iPhones

2 High End VR Headsets

2 Kid-Proof Headphones

2 Chargers

2 Screen Protectors

2 Hardcover Copies


DSC_0209 (1).JPG
Pro Pack

Pro Pack

Perfect for a large library


1 VR Book of your choosing

10 iPhones

10 High End VR Headsets

10 Kid-Proof Headphones

10 Chargers

10 Screen Protectors

10 Hardcover Copies


Classroom Pack

Classroom Pack

Perfect for a 1/1 classroom use


Full Access to Our Library

25 iPhones

25 High End VR Headsets

25 Kid-Proof Headphones

25 Chargers

25 Screen Protectors

25 Hardcover Copies




Need a specialized package? Not a problem, please reach out to us and we would be happy to create something that meets your needs!

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